Speed through Lean Management – Eliminating Overhead



Nils is a true Internet entrepreneur: even while still at university in Hamburg, he worked as online marketing and e-commerce consultant. Furthermore, he founded the e-commerce business CASAMUNDO, which nowadays is Europe’s leading vacation home platform.

Nils recognized the importance of online marketing for the success of Internet businesses early on and thus specialized in it. He uses this know-how to boost the companies in which he has holdings; this way, together with the provision of funding and access to his extensive network, he leads them to success quickly.

Nils studied business in Hamburg and in Santa Barbara (UCSB), California, and finished the EO Entrepreneurial Master’s Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Get in touch with Nils:
nils.regge(at)truventuro.com or linkedin.com/in/nils-regge


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