Leveraging the potential of technology and people



Just as crucial for a business model’s success as capital endowment are the team’s cooperation, qualification and motivation. Experience from our own businesses has taught us the importance of these factors and thus we place special emphasis on them. In order to guarantee a quick and sustainable business start, the TruVenturo team consists of specialists in the areas of IT, development, online marketing, HR, finances and law. These specialists support the young companies temporarily in early business stages and help out wherever teams are still incomplete. Moreover, they accompany our ventures throughout their further growth process, set benchmarks and keep checks on those benchmarks; in doing so, they ensure a challenging, yet supporting environment.

We have high standards not only when it comes to our own team but also regarding the selection of new teams for our ventures: we recruit rock stars. Those who are ten times better than the average, those who can teach us something new every day – because only with them as part of the team can we truly ‘rock’ the start-up. For this reason, top graduates from renowned universities as well as the best talents from successful Internet start-ups and international business consultancies are part of our team.


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