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TruVenturo at the EBSpreneurship forum 2010 in Oestrich-Winkel

A new founding spirit has taken over Germany! That was palpable at the EBSpreneurship forum 2010, organized by students of the EBS University on the 15th of October in Rheingau. This year’s motto was “change of perspectives”. The speakers, all of them fascinating Internet-business figures, inspired the audience with new views and innovative ideas. Success stories like those of smava founder Alexander Artopé and René Marius Köhler, founder and CEO of internetstores AG (e. g., fed the listening young entrepreneurs’ desire to get started right away. “And that is exactly what they should do”, Nils Regge, CEO and founder of Hamburg-based investor TruVenturo, stresses. “The moment could not be better: the Internet still offers enough room for numerous new business models and service providers. Further, we represent a new generation of investors, having been part of the first wave of serial founders ourselves and still actively founding new businesses. In these new investors young start-ups have the ideal financing partner.”TruVenturo fills this dual role in following two business models at once: on the one hand, the investor develops own business models, providing its own seed money. “For this, we’re constantly looking for gifted people, who are interested in being part of the core of future market leaders”, Internet entrepreneur Regge says. On the other hand, TruVenturo also invests in promising startups, providing capital and also entrepreneurial experience and an extensive network. “The key is to focus on the best teams, those who come prepared with a clearly well-thought-out concept”, Nils Regge sums up his investment strategy. According to him, those aspiring entrepreneurs who are not focused enough and suggest catering to the entire capital market with one business concept only are less interesting.

TruVenturo Team

Just as crucial for a business model’s success as capital endowment are the team’s cooperation, qualification and motivation. Experience from our own businesses has taught us the importance of these factors and thus we place …

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10 reasons for TruVenturo

One spends more time working than doing any other activity – that’s why it’s so important to enjoy it. Part of this is being trusted with challenging tasks, achieving success that is visible, being appreciated and having a team …

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TruVenturo Portfolio

Information about current TruVenturo holdings and exits, e. g. CASAMUNDO – Europe’s leading platform for vacation homes (largest offer with more than 200.000 holiday houses and flats) …

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Our holdings are constantly evolving. Consequently, we’re always looking for people who enjoy working in a team turning a good business idea into a great one/making a great business idea even more successful.

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