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Aeovian raises USD 37M Series A

30th September 2019 – Aeovian Pharmaceuticals successfully raised a $ 37 million Series A round from California based biotech VCs VenBio Partners and Sofinnova Investments. Apollo Health Ventures, which has been founded by TruVenturo, seed the company in 2017 and now co-led the round. Apollo Health Ventures is investing in startups developing technologies which will enable humans to live healthier in age by combating the root causes of aging. TruVenturo, particularly through its founder Nils Regge, helped to get Aeovian off the ground and now had a significant role in assembling the syndicate and structuring the round.


Aeovian is developing a selective mTORC1 inhibitor. The mTOR inhibiting drug rapamycin can extend health- and lifespan in animal models by up to 25%, making it the most effective longevity drug tested so far. The proceeds of the round will be used to advance Aeovian’s lead compound through IND-enabling studies and into clinical development.


TruVenturo founded Apollo Health Ventures in 2017 to capture the progress that science has made in fighting the root causes of aging and making it available to humans. Nils Regge, founder of TruVenturo, said: “I am extremely proud that our portfolio company Aeovian will bring the most potent longevity drug that we currently know to the clinic soon. The fact that investors like VenBio and Sofinnova are investing into our company proves that healthy aging is at our fingertips. I strongly believe that longevity investments already are the biggest disruptor in technology and the venture space, but will further increase in speed and impact – it feels like Internet in the early days.”


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