We Focus on Online Companies in the Field of Ecommerce, Price Comparison, Marketplaces and Travel



We only invest in Internet-based business models, because this is what we are experienced in the most; thus, we can be the most helpful in this area. We focus on e-commerce, content, market places, lead generation, online marketing and mobile Internet. It doesn’t matter whether the business idea involves a trading platform, a software development or a service provider.

What is of crucial importance to us, though, is that the business idea is scalable. Every business model that we invest in has to be easily transferable to different countries, sectors or markets.

We have a very simple, uncomplicated investment process. The first step is to get in touch with us. All that you need is a concise and informative executive summary: in a short presentation tell us about your idea, what is so special about it and why you think it’s worth investing in.

Some Investment Highlights:

TruVenturo Team

Just as crucial for a business model’s success as capital endowment are the team’s cooperation, qualification and motivation. Experience from our own businesses has taught us the importance of these factors and thus we place …

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10 reasons for TruVenturo

One spends more time working than doing any other activity – that’s why it’s so important to enjoy it. Part of this is being trusted with challenging tasks, achieving success that is visible, being appreciated and having a team …

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TruVenturo Portfolio

Information about current TruVenturo holdings and exits, e. g. CASAMUNDO – Europe’s leading platform for vacation homes (largest offer with more than 200.000 holiday houses and flats) …

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Our holdings are constantly evolving. Consequently, we’re always looking for people who enjoy working in a team turning a good business idea into a great one/making a great business idea even more successful.

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